Fixing facial asymmetry, advice? (photos)

My right eye is a different shape or looks that way due to a slight brow sag. My right cheek bone is slightly lower than left. This causes my right cheek to look slightly flatter. I have researched fat grafting to even my cheeks and give my face a nicer shape but have seen it's not always the best option for younger people (I'm 21), I have also looked in to fillers but am unsure of them and there safety. Will evening out my cheeks help take attention away from my eye? Is a brow hitch an option

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Facial Asymmetry

There are many options available for improving facial asymmetry ranging from dermal fillers to very invasive bone rearrangement. But none of us have symmetric faces. I personally have very uneven ears. It bothered me for years when I was in my teens and twenties, but I eventually realized nobody but me (and an occasional good friend) noticed or cared. You are pretty the way you are. I would strongly encourage you to be proud of your appearance!

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