Does anyone know what country/ surgeon uses this type of bandage after Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I am very interested if anyone knows the country where this rhinoplasty could have been performed , or better yet , the surgeon ,maybe your the surgeon who did this rhinoplasty and can let me know :) I haven't seen these brown bandages used before so very intrigued, thank you

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Very very special bandages!

Just kidding. It looks like plain brown tape to me! See the Web reference link for a photo of the splint at the end of one of my rhinoplasties. I use tape just like that, and I suspect many other surgeons do, too.

In fact, when you look closely at the photo, it seems as if some of the tape had been around the bottom of the tip, as is common, but the patient trimmed that tape off, and what we see just above the tip right now is the cut ends of the tape that previously was around the tip.

Does that help?

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

That is a fairly standard splint with tan steri strips covering it. If you have concerns about the appearance of your splint, there are many options available you can discuss with your surgeon.

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Hi there,

Not sure exactly who uses those bandages but what I would recommend is that you call some offices in your area and ask if they have nude bandages available.  Most surgeons are open to buying what patients like if it's comparable to what they usually use.  I'd jump on the phone and just ask around your area.

In our office we have a couple colors that we use depending on the procedure and patient request.

Hope this helps!

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