6 days post open rhinoplasty pain and throbbing in wound. Splint due off tomorrow with nurse as surgeon is away. Infection?

I'm 6 days post op. I've been regularly cleaning my nose and incision wound but have never fully removed the scab. Today as I was cleaning my nose a bit of scab came off to reveal part of the wound which is sutured. It appeared to be wet and looked a bit yellow, subsequently this is the part of the wound that I now feel a sharp pain. Could this be an infection? I've been taking flucloxacillin and using a nasal antibiotic cream but now I'm worried that it's not healing. My surgeon is away.

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6 days post open rhinoplasty pain and throbbing in wound.

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Thank you for your question. At this stage its rare to get an infection after 6 days it should be just part of your recovery as you have not posted a photo for evaluation it is difficult to evaluate your situation. When you go for your follow up you can explain to the nurse they should give you the right instruction and directions on that to do.

Infection post op?

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Thank you for your question.It is unlikely that you would have developed an infection in your nose so soon after the procedure and having been on antibiotics. What you describe may just be inflammation within the tissues next to the sutures. Once the nurse removes the stitches things should start to settle. If you think you are getting worse, then your surgeon needs to be informed as a matter of urgency.

Possible infection after rhinoplasty

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The likelihood of acquiring an infection six days after a rhinoplasty is rare. Of course, it is almost impossible to ascertain if an infection is present without examining the wound or at least  examining a photograph. However, quite frequently, I hear from patients that after cleaning the incision caked in dry blood with hygiene peroxide,  they notice the actual edge of the incision and perhaps it is somewhat yellow which they mistake for pus. This is simply exposed underlying flesh which will  quickly disappear with further wound care and suture removal. Though your doctor is out of town, consult with his or her nurse and should you still have further questions, they can refer you to the plastic surgeon who is covering their practice while away.

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