Closed Rhinoplasty Incision. Does It Involve Debulking/trimming Left Lower Lateral Cartilage?

Debulking the left lower later cartilage? This is trimming the cartilage on the tip of the nose I believe. Is there any way that this can be in an operative report and actually mean taking off a tiny piece of the LLC during a closed rhinoplasty to the nasal bone and septum because that is how the closed incision works? I hope I have made my question clear. Thank you

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Closed rhinoplasty incision

Closed rhinoplasty incisions just means that all the incisions for the rhinoplasty are inside the nose and not on the outside at the columella.  The entire rhinoplasty could be done through closed rhinoplasty techniques which can involve trimming the lower lateral cartilages, upper lateral cartilages, and osteotomies.  A septoplasty can also be performed through closed techniques, not open.

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"Closed" vs. "Open" Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be performed with all incisions inside the nostrils (i.e. "closed" or "endonasal"), or with incisions inside the nostrils plus a small incision across the skin between your nostrils (i.e. "open" or "external").  The choice of which approach to take depends on surgeon preference, anatomic characteristics of the nose, whether it is a revisional case or not, etc...
Nasal tip refinement can be done with either approach.  When performed well, both approaches have negligible scars that hide well.  It is important to seek consultation with a facial plastic surgeon who has expertise in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty.

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Closed Rhinoplasty Incision

A "closed" rhinoplasty means that all incisions are made inside the nose. An "open" incision includes an additional incision in the strip of skin between your nostrils. All of the changes you describe can be done using the open or closed approach.

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What happens to the cartilage during a closed rhinoplasty?

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking about whether the tip can be refined during a closed rhinoplasty, by means of trimming the lower lateral cartilages of the nose. If so, then the answer is yes - this is a standard manoeuvre in both open and closed rhinoplasty surgery.


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Closed Rhinoplasty Incision. Does It Involve Debulking/trimming Left Lower Lateral Cartilage?

I don't understand your question.  Are you unhappy with something after your nose surgery?  Closed rhinoplasty, lower lateral cartilages, nasal bone and septum are technical terms.  A picture would be worth a thousand words.

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