Wanting to know if by having one keloid does that make me certain to get another after cosmetic surgery in a different area?

I recently had 2 moles removed. 1 on my jawline and 1 on behind my ear on my neck. Before all of this I had cut my shoulder and a growth appeared and I didn't think much of it until it got big so I went to my doctors. He told me it was a keloid. After doing research I realise I shouldn't really of had the surgery done Incase another keloid appears which would be a lot worse than the original moles. Can you tell me if the chances of a keloid appearing are high once the wound heals?

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Hypertrophic Scar/Keloid -- Pulsed Dye Laser/VBeam, 5fu/steroids, Fraxel/Viva, CO2, Aerolase

If you have previously experienced keloids, you are at higher risk for developing another after surgery. Hypertrophic scarring/keloids should be treated in a combination approach with lasers along with steroid/5fu injections. Please see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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