Unsatisfactory outcome of lateral canthoplasty. What are my options?

My eyes vertically AND horizontally have decreased whereby I look unrecognisable. Outer corners should've been LIFTED but LOWER than inner. What are my options as have to see consultant next week and dont want to be "fobbed off" as previous consultant did with me following blepharoplasty what should I do, as suffered enough from previous bad outcome

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Revision canthoplasty

Need photos of your eyes to better help you. Revision eyelid surgery may be possible. See following link. 

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You need to stop messing around with local surgeons.

You need to identify the handful of us who specialize in revising prior eyelid surgery for a detailed personal consultation.  There are many options for repairing lower eyelid.  However, the key is what resources have been left by your prior surgeries.  You do not post adequate photographs of your issue so that truly limits our ability to provide more specific answers.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Unsatisfactory outcome

I am sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with your previous procedure. Keep in mind that revision procedures are often more challenging. You may have encountered some surgeons who do not wish to undertake a revision such as yours.  My recommendation would be to seek out the most experienced oculoplastic surgeon in your area.  He or she will be able to determine exactly what the problem is and if there are any surgical options that will help you.  You need to find a surgeon who you are comfortable with, especially since you have had a bad experience.  Make sure that your surgeon understands your expectations and goals. Only then can they advise you as to whether or not those goals can realistically be met.  Best wishes to you!

Erik Miles, MD, FACS
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Needs evaluation

Sorry to hear your story.  You will need to keep searching out for second opinions.  Please bring in your preoperative photos to your exam so the surgeon can see the difference.Best wishes.

Keith Denkler, MD
Marin Plastic Surgeon
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