Unhappy with results after breast implants. (photos)

During the consultation we spoke about a D/C size using 300cc high profile implants, PS mentioned I have a chest cavity so had to be high profile. I have never noticed this cavity and has never bothered me. After the op he told me decides to use 300cc high profile on the right and 200cc mod profile on the left to even out my cavity. I now have different shaped and sized breast and the right one is way smaller. do I have to pay to have this corrected? Or should he sort this?

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Early in recovery phase

From your photographs, it appears to me that you're very early in the postoperative phase. There can certainly be still some disproportionate swelling as well as tension in the overlying pectoralis muscles. I would wait at least a few months before I would judge the final outcome. Congratulations on your surgery. 

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Swelling after breast implant surgery can disguise final result

There is extensive swelling following breast implant surgery and it will take at least 6 weeks, if not longer, for the swelling to subside to determine what the final result will look like.  It is too early to judge now.  Follow your plastic surgeon's advice and post op protocol and let him/her know your concerns.  You can ask about the cost of revision surgery, it varies from surgeon to surgeon and what exactly needs to be fixed.  For now, be patient.
Good Luck!

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