Teeth have been like this for a long time. Is there anything I can do? (Photo)

My teeth have been like this for a long time and don't seem to whiten when I brush them at all and I brush them regularly (I do smoke) is there anything I can do ( I don't have a lot of cash) and they are yellower than shown in the photo just bad camera quality

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You can have a great solution, with complete smile makeover,you will be able to change the way your smile looks, shape, size and color, those gums need to be treated, also, but you will love the results.

Yellow Teeth

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You should see a dentist soon.  Your gums look inflamed you need to have them cleaned.  Once the gum health is improved you could consider cosmetic options.  You would likely need porcelain veneers, which can be costly.  Schedule an appointment with a dentist and have them go over your options.  Best of luck.  

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