Surgery to relocate dropped clitoris?

I believe the clitoris is soppsed to be in the clitoral hood? For some reason as the years have gone by my clitoris has dropped lower and lower. It is just above my uretha now. It isn't in my clitoral hood at all. It also protrudes. I'm really concerned about this and wondered what surgery I could have and if any surgeons knew the cause? I've heard of clitorplexy but concerned about sensation loss. Please help!

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Is your clitoris falling?

Your story warrants a pelvic examination to see if what you are describing is normal. Until then, or unless you post a photo, it's not possible to make any recommendations.

Clitoral hood descent

This is really an impossible question to answer on the internet. I think you will get your question answered most reliably by making an appointment to see your gynecologist or a board certified plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience with vaginal rejuvenation. Either one should be able to look at your anatomy with you and explain any possible variations or abnormalities you may or may not have. 

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Dropped clitoris...a part of The Aging Vulva

Thank you for your question. What you have noticed is very likely ptosis (dropping) of your vulvar structures as a result of aging which gives you an older, saggy looking appearance. This not only involves your clitoral hood, but also your clitoris and labia minora. The labia majora will also lose volume and the skin become more lax. All these structures can be rejuvenated using surgical techniques and non-surgical lasers. You should do your homework and identify an experienced reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon to help you with your transformation. Below is a link with information in finding the best surgeon for you. You should expect to travel.

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