Does anyone know of a surgeon in turkey who has good stitching skills for hair line lowering?

I have had fue in November (8montgs ago) but they couldn't lower it more than 1 cm and I am still very unhappy with the size of my Forhead. Or should I say how far back my hair line is. Am I able to have this done and does any one know a good surgeon in turkey? Please help me!

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You may want to see doctors in Turkey for yourself. The overall results do not depend on "stitching skills".

You may want to see doctors in Turkey for yourself. The overall results do not depend on "stitching skills".

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Going to turkey for hairline lowering

Most of the clinics in Turkey are clinician run clinics with very limited physician oversight. There are no liability if anything goes wrong. This surgery is done on your face, it is best to find a specialist in your area, it may cost more but in long run you will be happy you did. 

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Turkey Surgeon

When and if something goes wrong, a doctor in Turkey can’t follow you, if the transplant does not work you have no recourse, no Yelp, no Realself with doctor references and credentials, no Chamber of Commerce or Medical Board to complain to. If there are serious complications what will you do? Do you know how many people died in Turkey because of malpractice errors in anesthesia? Many of these clinic surgeries and the anesthesia given, are performed, not by doctors, but by technicians. What you are buying are technicians doing surgery without a medical degree of any type and no skill to manage problems that happen. My group has performed over 15,000 surgeries since 1992 (no deaths) and have seen health issues arise, but with my extensive training and education I know how to recognize problems before they become life-threatening. We monitor our patients hearts and breathing to anticipate problems, do the Turkey clinics do this? Do you think that these uneducated technicians doing your surgery will know how to do mange problems that arise?

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Hairline lowering or HT

We need to know if you are male or female.
If you send us photos we could advice you on surgical options.

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Frontal hairline 'lowering' procedure - hair transplant seattle

There are a variety of techniques to lower the frontal hairline. The limiting issue is the limited scalp mobility that some patients have - the scalp has to be moved forward and the forehead skin envelope reduced to create a shorter distance from the brow to frontal hairline. 

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