I'm looking for a surgeon who can perform revision surgery on my nose to give me the result I am after. Any suggestions? (photo)

Hi, I had my first rhinoplasty in 2015 with my surgeon performing follow revision surgery feb 2016. Since my first rhinoplasty (1 year) I felt there was minimal if any change. Second time around it has improved a little but I feel I still haven't achieved the look I was after.My nose is still bulbous on the end and bottom heavy giving it a droopy effect. I was wanting a lifted small and cute nose and I still feel like it's big and non feminine. I am now looking for a surgeon (ideally in Europe)

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You have a very pretty and petite face yet your nose is just a little too large for it.You can be helped.I am in texas, not in Europe.But if you are interested in traveling here, I am happy to work with you.

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