Is it really need of silicone implant in my case, any natural alternative of silicone? (photos)

I have a crooked nose from the bridge of my nose. I have SMR surgery in FEB 2015 in which doctor took my cartilage in result I have now saddle and crooked nose. Consulted one surgeon in my area he suggests me that your case is not severe to make another incision for cartilage he also mention that if he can find any remaining cartilage from last SMR surgery, he can use instead of silicone.I am afraid of silicon side effects. Attached photographs of mine before and after SMR

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Natural Alternative to Silicone - Rib Cartilage

A silicone implant is a great option for breast augmentation but it is not a great choice for the face. When performing complex revision rhinoplasty, the best choice of reconstructive material is your own rib cartilage. Rib cartilage can be harvested safely through a small incision. It is your body's own cells so there is an extremely low complication profile. The cartilage can be carved into any size and shape that is required and with time it becomes incorporated into the surrounding tissue. Rib cartilage is the best option for graft material in revision rhinoplasty and it is the best material to use when straightening the nose.

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Is it really need of silicone implant in my case, any natural alternative of silicone?

I really do not like being critical of other surgeons but a traditional SMR procedure is really an obsolete procedure. If that was what was done there won't be much cartilage for grafting. As for the revision I would harvest from the septum (if possible), then ear, then rib, then outer table calvarial bone before putting silicone in a nose. 

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rhinoplasty for the crooked nose

A full set of facial photographs are required to make any determination about what may be required  for a revision rhinoplasty, since this is one of the most difficult procedures to perform in the entire field of cosmetic surgery, and the nose is a 3-dimensional structure.  The crooked nose is addressed with osteotomies  placed in the nasal bones and a spreader graft placement on the concave side. A submucous resection of the nasal septum should not have any changes whatsoever to the external portion of the nose.  If there is a cartilage completed nose, then ear cartilage may be required for cartilage grafting purposes, when needed.  Silicone is rarely used.  For more information and many examples, please see the link and the video below

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Alternatives to silicone nasal implant

Dear Mustafa,A natural alternative to a silicone nasal implant to augment your nasal dorsum is rib cartilage. It is difficult to appreciate from just the frontal view your saddle nose deformity. If you could also include some profile pictures that would be helpful. In general rib cartilage is preferred, because it is your own cartilage and not a synthetic substance. Your body usually has less risk of rejection and infection when using your own cartilage. However it is not without its owns risks. I recommend consulting with a facial plastic or plastic surgeon to discuss the potential options for a revision rhinoplasty.

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