Septoplasty and rasping?

I recently had a septoplasty procedure due to w deviated septum. I also had a bump on my nose which the surgeon said he would file down meaning there would no longer be a bump. It's only been a few days since surgery and I am still obviously very swollen. But the bump is still there in my nose? Will it go down as swelling goes down? How long does it take for swelling to go down?

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Swelling obscures the end result

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When rasping occurs to the dorsum of the nose, the goal is to reduce the bump to the nose.  This is essentially separate from the septoplasty procedure.  Always after a surgery there is swelling that will obscure the end result which will manifest months later. It is difficult to determine the end result by simply looking into the mirror a few weeks after the procedure.  Patience is needed, and if the bump persists after several months, then additional surgery can only be looked into at a much later time.

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