Revision blepharoplasty and canthopexy. What should I do now?

Had 3rd procedure after 2 previous ops were unsatisfactory. Eyes are a total mess. Already suffered over 2 years from previous ops. I know must give time for healing but never seen anything as hideous as I look now. very worried as to what should be done now

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Revision blepharoplasty/canthopexy. What should I do now?

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At his point after previous surgery you will need to protect your cornea and let the tissues heal.  Recurrent surgery will cause additional swelling and slower recovery.  Please see a ophthalmologist for evaluation.

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WHat to do?

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Wait. You are too early to evaluate.                                                                           


I don't know who you have been seeing but they are not getting the job done.

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When you are in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging.  

You need to heal from this recent surgery.  If you are having eye comfort issues, work with your general ophthalmologist immediately for lubrication measures to keep the corneas from drying which could lead to cornea break down, infection, and visual loss.

I am sure your surgeon have done what they can.  However there is now a accept method of repairing eyelids with these issues.  You need to find surgeons who specialize in the repair of eyelid issues after cosmetic eyelid surgery.  This can involve spacer grafts, vertical cheek lifts.  It is likely you will have to travel for this type of work.  There are really only a handful of surgeons who offer this specialized care.

Please do not ignore your psychological health.  In my experience, this type of result is associated with severe psychological stress including clinical depression.  Mental health professionals can help you deal with the emotional trauma associated with these situations. 

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Revision blepharoplasty/canthopexy. What should I do now?

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Third repeat eye surgery has longer swelling and healing issues, Since you are only 6 days allow 6 months healing........

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