What revision do I need? (photos)

I am 33, 144lb, 5'7" and have had 390cc moderate Nagor implants under the muscle 5 weeks ago. This is my second BA, I had 280 saline implants at 20 years old. Pictures show my breasts now, I feel they are too far apart, my right breast is much bigger than the left and my nipples are too far apart. What can be done? Thank you. I have included a picture of my breasts with 280cc too.

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Breast asymmetry

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From your photographs, it appears to me that the left breast has bottomed out compared to the right and there is a size and shape discrepancy between the two. At just five weeks out, if the sizes were close with the same size implant at 280, when all the swelling is gone they should be even closer at 390 mL. As far as being too far apart, that's related to the width of the breastbone which cannot be changed with breast surgery. If the implants removed more towards each other, you risk exposure of more wrinkling in the cleavage, a synmastia or single breast or at least nipples that point outward. The left breast bottoming out may need to be addressed in a separate operation and I would add some support within ADM such as Strattice or Galaflex. Best of luck.

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