Otoplasty disaster. I had my ear pinned two weeks ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

My right ear has stuck to my head it don't look nice I had it pinned in 3 places as before it pointed out I hope this is not how it will heal because it's not what I wanted I feel stupid for having it done because I know look like a Doberman

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Otoplasty disaster. I had my ear pinned two weeks ago. Any suggestions?

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One can generally say nothing yet about the final position of the ears just 2 weeks after an otoplasty. You should wait 3 months, or better still, 6 months. Furthermore, it depends on the method with which you were operated on. If it was the minimally invasive Merck method, by which the ears are not cut open, one can, if the current position should remain, remove the sutures and insert new ones to easily create another position more to your liking. With this method, you may determine the new position in a hand mirror both during and at the end of the operation. A patient only leaves the operating room when he is satisfied with the new position of his ears.

If you were operated on with a traditional method, whereby the ears are cut open extensively, thus creating scars, a correction is sometimes very difficult due to the scar formation. 

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