Options for increasing the size of the buttocks?

fat transfer is my top choice at the minute, but as i dont have much fat to use, i would like to be aware of other options if there are any, without the use of an implant. ive seen that macrolane can be used but when ive looked into this people say that it encapsulates. has anyone preformed this procedure and know the results of this. i would preferably like to do this without major surgery. is anyone aware or uses any type of fillers that they can recommend?

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Increase size of buttocks

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Thanks for your inquiry.  Outside of the U.S., there are fillers that can be used for buttock augmentation.  In the U.S., the only options thus far are fat and implants.  I do not believe that Macrolane is approved for use in the United States.  I hope this helps.  Best of luck!

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