Numb to temperature but not pain? (photo)

Hi there, I have had a breast augmentation (2.5 weeks post op) and I was completely numb in my right breast (around the areola and nipple area only). I have now regained sensation to a degree and I am now sensitive to pain and my nipple can become erect now (if prodded) but I am still numb to cold or hot. I understand that these things take time and I am thankful that I have regained some sensation. I am just curious as to why I can feel one sensation and not another. Thanks

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Changes in sensation are normal after an operation and the nerves can take months to regrow.  Different nerves can carry light sensation vs pain or temperature so the regrowing nerves may go through a spectrum of sensations before you are done.  

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Sensation issues

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It is early days and if you have already had some recovery of sensation then that bodes well for full recovery soon 

After breast augmentation

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Hi and congratulations for your breast augmentation surgery. When these changes in nipple sensitivity show up it takes form day to weeks, very rarely months to get normalized, the important is you are improving so just be patient.

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Numbness after breast augmentation

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Sorry to hear about your sensory issues.  It is very common to have some degree of nerve damage after augmentation because the nerves get stretched out.  Most women recover sensation in 3-12 months.  There are some supplements you can take to get the nerves to heal faster such as fish oil, alpha lipoic acid, etc...  Ask your PS for details.

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