My nasal bone is not in line. Will it get worse? (photos)

What seemed to appear as a lump/irregularity has now proven to me to be the nasal bone which seems to be too high, i.e. there is a dip where the nasal bone ends on one side of my nose. I am so upset about this. As swelling has subsided it is becoming more noticeable, will it get worse???? From the side it looks like there is a bump forming, but its this bone.

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My nasal bone is not in line. Will it get worse?

Yes I see the issue. Why not try a filler before considering additional surgery. If the iller gives you a more acceptable appearance than you can decide if you desire additional surgery.. 

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After rhinoplasty

You need to allow 1 year after rhinoplasty to fully critique the result.  A revision my be done depending on the issues.  Good luck.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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