Can Invisalign fix my bite? (Photo)

Hi, I had braces when i was around 12 for 2 years teeth was perfect after 4 extractions no IPR. Teeth shifted after growing 3 wisdom teeth and stopped wearing retainer around 18 years old. So 19 now i paid £3200 thinking i was getting braces to fix ALL MY TEETH , my bite and shifted midline when i bite. 5 months down the line i realized my treatment is 6 months smiles and not full orthodontic treatment. i feel scamed. My question is can invisialign fix my back teeth and align them?

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Unfortunate extractions and undersized jaws

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Ideally you never would have had extractions.  Dr John Mew in London does orthotropics and can grow your jaws to proper size but that would open extraction spaces.

Invisalign Fix

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Invisalign braces is the good option I would say. As Invisalign is also much more convenient as compare to metal braces and will fix your bite. 

Shahin Safarian, DMD
San Diego Dentist

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