I had a tummy tuck and lifted my 2 year old daughter; did I do damage? (Photo)

I had a full tummy tuck and liposuction and muscle repair 5 weeks ago and today I picked up my 2 year old daughter without even thinking about what I was doing. Anyways I got a burning sensation at the top of my abs and I put my daughter down and since then I've had no pain or anything. I was wearing my pressure garment at the time when I picked her up. Could I have done damage ?

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% week post-op Tummy Tuck

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I doubt you did any lasting harm. I usually tell my patients to avoid straining for 6-8 weeks after surgery mainly to avoid bleeding. If you do not see any change in appearance such as swelling of bruising, then you are probably fine.

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Restrictions after tummy tuck

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At 5 weeks out, picking up your daughter should not have caused any major issues or damage. While it is recommended to restrict your activity for a minimum of 6 weeks, the burning sensation you felt was likely due to agitating your muscles which are still healing. Be sure to contact your doctor though if you notice any bruising, swelling, or pain to the touch in that area. 

John W. Tyrone, MD
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