I have a question about eMatrix device. I just wanna know if the ematrix is safe while i am on Isotretinoin?

I just wanna know if the ematrix is safe while i am on isotretinoin?I am taking 40mg in a week to control my excessive face oil and i have acne scars over my mid cheeks area,they are not very deep but they are moderate kind of ice pick scars.But not sure if this radio frequency device safe while on isotretinoin?

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Ematrix and Accutane

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Acne scar treatment requires deep treatments. These are not advised while on Accutane. 


Dr. Karamanoukian 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Isoretinoin and eMatrix

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In the U.S., we don't recommend cross treatments with eMatrix while patients are taking isoretinoin or retinoid based products. 

Not on this dose...

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Great question. My paper is just about to be published in early to mid 2015 on the use of Isotretinoin and RF. The theory is to treat scars EARLY and not late, hence the logic of treating early scarring acne with a safe, but effective treatment. 

I conducted a trial on 183 subjects, but did NOT exceed an average dose of 25 mg per day (based upon body weight), additionally RF ematrix did not exceed 48 mJ per pin, with 25% over lap. All patients had antibiotic ointment and oral erythomycin or keflex for 3 days post eMatrix. Results- safe!

This is only a pilot study, and more research is needed. If you are in the US, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TREATMENT, as more papers need to be published. 


Dr Davin Lim 

Laser Dermatologist

EMatrix and Isotretinoin

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eMatrix is a great laser for treating acne scars.  However, please consult with your current physician because the recommendation is to wait 6 months at least after completing your course of Accutane to have the eMatrix laser procedure performed. Please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with eMatrix for the best cosmetic results.

EMatrix and isotretinoin

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I would not recommend eMatrix while taking isotretinoin unless you are under the care of the same physician for both.

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