I am 6 months post op (breast augmentation) and would like a second opinion? (Photo)

I am unsure of the final results and feel a second opinion may put my mind at rest. The left breast does not seem to have healed as well as the right side, still pain. My nipples are always sore and achy. They is still a lot of numbness below the nipple on both sides. They are still very firm and I hoped they would look more natural by now. Will there be any change from this point on? I had silicon inspira allergan 345 cc implants.

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Will there be any changes after 6 months post inspira breast implantation?

At 6 months there can still be tenderness and decreased sensation.  Both can still improve over the next 6 months.  Inspira implants have 4 different cohesive gels, 3 different projections, and can be smooth or textured.  Technique and implant selection can determine breast softness and implant location.  At 6 months breast shape and firmness will not likely change much over time.  

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