Do my 2 front veneers look too wide? (Photo)

I had a quite a large gap and for some reason my front teeth couldn't be make slimmer so we had to work with what we had these are my veneers I had 8 one still needs to go on the back yet honest options what do you think? I am going to ask my dentist to shape the edges more of my front teeth when I go back

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Anytime a gap is closed, the teeth will look wider then they were previously. To properly balance the appearance of your teeth and broaden your smile, I recommend veneering all of the teeth in your smile line (ten in your case). I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Dear rose111, 

Closing a wide gap by 2 veneers will automatically make your 2 front teeth look wider. In order to give you the proper size teeth, sometimes it is recommended to close the gap with some orthodontic movement prior to veneering them. At this point, some reshaping can be done to make them visually appear slimmer, but it will not change the actual size of these veneers.

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A Full-face photo showing your smile would help visualize this better.

You may want to consider placing veneers on premolar teeth 5 and 12 also which could help broaden the smile more and balance the overall appearance of the front six teeth which only look to have gotten veneers. You can broaden the smile even more by placing veneers on the next set of premolars 4 and 13 as well.  Anytime a "gap" is closed using veneers or bonding, those teeth are going to look wider because material now exists where there previously wasn't any. Cosmetic dentists should always take many pre-operative photos which include close-up and full-face views so that communication with the lab technician and the patient can be very clear. I feel the two front teeth could be made smaller by making the two lateral incisors wider. This would help with the overall balance and what we call the"Golden Proportion". All 4 incisors could be remade, or the two front incisors could be shaped narrower on the distal side. This reshaping option would open up space between the lateral incisor and the reshaped central incisor which would require 2 new veneers to be made on the lateral incisors to close the space. Either option will create the balance you are looking for, so the choice is yours to do 2 veneers and reshape the central incisors or do 4 veneers. Many times a close-up photo like the one you posted can over exaggerate size, and it could be that these teeth look much more in balance when the whole face and smile are visible.

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