Too much filler inbetween nose and mouth area? (Photo)

Filler has only been done yesterday. I asked for half a ml in the bottom lip and just a small amount in the top. Not to use all of the filler if wasn't needed. I now feel like my lips are far to big and the area between my nose and mouth feels full of filler even more so to one side this seems to lift and I can feel it significantly when I smile. The bottom lip only feels like it has filler in the two corners I asked for the bottom lip to be bigger and it isn't. Very upset about this

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Unhappy Results With Fillers, Reverse with Hyaluronidase

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If you are unhappy reverse with hyaluronidase.  It takes a few weeks to settle in though.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Too much filler inbetween nose and mouth area? (Photo)

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Thank you for sharing your questions and photographs and I am sorry your results have not been what you anticipated.  As your lips were injected yesterday, swelling and bruising are causing a distortion of your long-term results, and I would recommend allowing at least two weeks to pass so that the swelling resolves and the filler softens.  If at that time your results remain unsatisfactory, your injector can dissolve the filler with another injectable medication.  Hang in there!

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Upper to lower lip volume ratio

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Typically, in young people, the lower lip has 30% more volume than the upper lip. 

Dr H Karamanoukian
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Juvederm in lips - looks uneven

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Thank you for your question about your Juvederm lip injections.

  • I am sorry you are so distressed.
  • You are bruised and swollen - and need to give this at least a week, preferably two to settle.
  • Ask the person who treated you how much was used and where it was placed.
  • If you are still not happen when the swelling is down and if the person treating you didn't do what you requested, you need to see a specialist.
  • Fillers are easy to do - but not easy to do well.
  • Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

Juvederm Lips and Injections Uneven

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After one day I would give it at least one week to evaluate the results.  After a week you can decide if you need to have the product dissolved.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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