Do I have early signs of capsular contracture? (photos)

What would be early signs of cc? Are odd pains at this point still normal? I had over the muscle 315 high profile naturelle textured silicone implants four months ago,im concerned because they are still quite firm,i know My scars do not seem symmetrical...

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Do I have early signs of capsular contracture?

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The diagnosis of capsular contracture  will require an examination by your plastic surgeon.  Signs of capsular contracture include pain, firmness or tightness of the breast implant, and change in position of the implant with the implant riding higher than the position soon after surgery.  It is important that to be examined by her plastic surgeon now because if signs of capsular contracture exist the surgeon may want to institute treatment.


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Although capsular contractures following breast augmentation can occur just about any time, most women start having symptoms around three months after their breast implant surgery. This is because it takes some time for a capsule to form and then to scar down (contracture).

Capsular Contracture is a condition in which the capsule surrounding the implant thickens and contracts, squeezing the implant making it overly firm or hard and often changing the shape and position of the implant. As the capsule contracts it moves the implant further up your chest wall making upper portion of your breast too large and unshapely. It is more far more common in nicotine users (e.g. smoking, vaping or nicotine gum or patches).

Do I have a capsular contracture

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Thank you for your question.  It is early for capsular contracture at 4 months but can happen. You need to see your PS for evaluation. I doubt at this moment.

Capsular contracture?

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Thank you for posting photos along with your question. Unfortunately, as my colleagues below have stated, the only way to really know if you are undergoing capsular contracture is by an in person evaluation by your plastic surgeon. Capsular contracture symptoms can include pain, firmness of the breast, change in position of the implant (implant keeps getting higher and higher on chest wall) and can even lead to a breast that feels hard and cold at the latest stages. Having pain at 4 months can still be normal but it depends on what type of pain, how bad it is, is it getting better or worse, is it becoming more or less frequent etc... I tell my patients that occasional pains here and there will be normal. Your breasts appear to be pretty symmetric and the implants don't seem to be riding high. Textured implants are supposed to decrease the risk of capsular contracture but they feel more firm than smooth implants. That being said, the most important thing is to re-visit your plastic surgeon to let them determine whether this is early capsular contracture or if it is normal post operative course after breast augmentation.
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Do I have early signs of capsular contracture

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Capsular contracture cannot be diagnosed through photos. If you are experiencing any type of discomfort, you would need to follow up with your surgeon for an in person examination. 

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Capsular Contracture

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to determine if you have capsular contracture based on your photographs. The best way to have capsular contracture evaluated is by seeing a board certified plastic surgeon so that he/she can examine your breasts and implants. Early capsular contracture can still look normal so an exam is more reliable. Odd pains may be normal as complete healing can take at least 6 months. Again, an exam can help address your concerns.

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