Best doctor in US for Silicone buttock removal? (photos)

Hi doctors I have received unlicensed butt injection 5 years ago. As a result of the procedure I suffer from fever,sweating, tiredness, diziness. The skin on the left side moved to black. I have massive sore lump. It's hard for me to set down or lying down. As I am thinking of travel to the U.S. do u recommend any expert doctor who are willing to help? My embarrsing issue is destroying me life as I am cutting off my study and work and can't get married under this health condition? Any help?
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Karamanoukian Grade III soft tissue reaction on the buttocks

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Our office specializes in the management of silicone in the buttocks. I would surgically treat Karamanoukian Grade III or less soft tissue reaction to avoid future problems. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

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