Combination of surgeries abroad possible?

24yr old going abroad for treatments in Europe. The procedures are breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, facial fat transfer to eye/cheek area. Possibly blepharoplasty. After seeing positive reviews of c02 laser resurfacing I really want to do this (heavy smoker over 10 yrs). I have 2 weeks free so question is it safe to do all this in that time? Photos attached hopefully highlights eye problems which I'm still unsure of the best way to treat. Plan to remove blue eye veins with specialist at home.

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Good luck with your experiment


Thanks for posting your question. You are taking exceptionally high risks.

Best of luck.

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to do all these surgeries overseas is not generally recommended. if you have problems, the surgeons in the USA can take care of it, but it could be expensive. looking at your pics, you could benefit from multiple fractional laser treatments for the skin care, to be followed with appropriate topical skin care. the eyelid surgery could be done thru your inside eyelid area to avoid a scar on the skin. this would remove some of the bulging fat of both lower eyelid areas. it is better to do BA in the USA where you get nice guarantees and replacement options, with the high quality implants here. rhinoplasty not uncommonly requires more than one surgery, depending on your own expectations.

James E. Leake, MD
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