Will a clitorplexy affect the sensations of the clitoris? & is it local or General anestetic?

I went for a clitoral hood reduction for a very protruding clitoral hood & on the day they said they couldn't do it due to a very protruding clitoris. My surgeon said it would be exposed if she went ahead as it protrudes a lot and hangs too low down. I am very upset I couldn't get the hood reduction as I have A LOT of excess hanging skin on the hood. I want a clitorplexy which that particular surgeon does not perform. But am concerned it'll affect the sensations in my clitoris. Is this the case?

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Yes - it will enhance sensation

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Thank you for your post with photos. If I am seeing this correctly you have had a Labiaplasty with no work done to your clitoral hood. IT seems as if your Labiaplasty was excessive and asymmetric.

You need to find a surgeon who is experienced in Labiaplasty revision at the time of clitoral hood reduction with clitoropexy.  I perform these in the office under local anesthesia. This combination of procedures will result in a beautiful natural appearance with enhanced sensitivity and improved orgasm.

Look at below link to review hundreds of B&A photos demonstrating clitoral hood work. 

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Clitoropexy and Clitoral Hood Reduction

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I am sorry to hear about your experience.  Based on your description and photographs, labiaplasty revision and clitoral hood reduction with possible clitoroplexy may be indicated.  A thorough examination would be necessary to be evaluate your condition.   Clitoropexy allows for the reduction of the clitoral length.  There are complications associated with the procedure including reduced or absent clitoral sensation, which can affect one's ability to obtain orgasm. Many gynecologists and plastic surgeons do not perform clitoropexy. As a cosmetic urologist, I do perform clitoropexy.  Best of luck.

Poor Surgical Skill and Know-How

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So sorry to see that you've had a bad experience, and even more discouraging that you were provided with mis-information by your surgeon. There are very few doctors who truly understand the labiaplasty and hood reduction procedure. The video above should explain a bit more as well as the link below.Sometimes the clitoris is indeed long, but the hood can always always still be reduced. You have a scalloped appearance from an amputation procedure that left you with fullness at the hood. This needs to be revised in order for there to be an improved appearance for you.If too much tissue is removed, yes, the clitoris can be exposed, but a clitoropexy is hardly ever needed. Get a second opinion and don't be afraid to travel to find a doctor who truly understands the anatomy and procedure. You probably will need to go to a plastic surgeon this time around.In terms of sensation, having a clitoral hood reduction can expose the clitoris in a good way if it's done right. A clitoropexy, however, actually cuts into the clitoris itself... This is a procedure I don't perform because it has risks of nerve injury, so I don't think it's a good idea in general.

Clitoral hood work

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Dear TimetoTransform:

Thank you for the question.  Please understand that based upon your photos it is not just your clitoral hood.  You would likely benefit from a cltioral hood reduction and clitoralpexy but you also have excess skin at the anterior or upper labia. For maximum results (cosmetic ) the anterior labia could also be slightly reduced.

Your surgeon did you a FAVOR when they said he/she couldn't do the surgery.  They obviously do NOT know how to do the surgery and he/she protected you by not taking you to surgery. Please choose a surgeon with experience, expertise and proven results. .

John R Miklos MD
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