When can I change my dressings after Breast lift/reduction and aug? I had it done a week and a half ago.

I went from a 32E, had 260grams of breast tissue removed and replaced with 575cc's in each breast with anchor lift. My dressings seem to be fine apart from the cleavage where there is some dry blood that is itchy (which I know is healing) but I feel unclean. My PS said to change them after three weeks but he is in Belgium and I am in England I can't easily go to him. I'm wondering if it's ok to have the incisions cleaned and dressings replaced by my GP or if I should just wait it out? Thank you!

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When can I change my dressings after Breast lift/reduction and aug?

Always first to run these types of concerns/questions by your plastic surgeon who is ultimately responsible for your care. I do find emailed photographs helpful in these types of situations. Best wishes.

Breast reduction and implants

You need to contact your original surgeon and probably best to send a photo for advice. Dried blood is not unusual but you are best to seek the advice of your surgeon. 

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