Can you have capsular contracture removed, an uplift and bigger implants done at the same time?

So I had 450cc a year and half ago, when I first had my boobs done I was told I needed a lift but decided against it due to scars, I have now decided i do want the uplift and also want to go up a size, however I'm worried the surgeon will say no as I'm sure I have capsular contracture in my left boob. So my question is, is it possible to have all 3 done at once.

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Combined procedures

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In general, yes, all of those procedures can be done together.  Have an open discussion with your surgeon regarding your concerns.  And have them examine you to determine if there is indeed a capsular contracture.  If there isn't then it may be best to look at having the lift only.  Combining the procedures certainly increases your complication rates, and it is not infrequent to require a revision.  The increase in size & lift are procedures that are essentially working against each other.  All the best Kim

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