My right breast is much larger than the left 15 days post mastopexy with implant? (Photos)

I had a bilateral maxopexy and augmentation 15 days ago and I'm worried about the large size difference in the breasts. My right breast was bigger before surgery but my surgeon said he could even them out, but it is now more pronounced than before. I saw the nurse yesterday and she felt it was swelling but to look out for pain and fever. I still have pain in both breasts but the right is slightly more tender to touch. Do you feel this will settle over time and what should I be looking out for?

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Wait for some time

 The final appearance, shape, and movement are not exactly the same as normal breasts. The surgically enlarged breasts do not move in the same way as normal breasts. They tend to be firmer. The contours are usually somewhat different than normal breasts. In some patients these discrepancies may be rather noticeable. Although every effort is made to place the implants symmetrically, complete symmetry is rarely achieved. Immediately after surgery, the breasts are swollen and firmer. The final shape and size is approximated after 2 to 3 months, but up to one year may be required for the end result.

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Large Size Difference After Breast Augmentation With Lift

Four scenarios are possible – 1) you have residual asymmetry from before your surgery, 2) you have more swelling on the right because more surgical manipulation of the breast tissue was done on the right, 3) you have a fluid collection, such as a hematoma of the right breast, or 4) a combination of the above. I would demand to see the surgeon, not his nurse. If one of my patient's voiced a concern regarding "a large size difference" after breast surgery, I would personally see them promptly, not through a nurse surrogate. Relying on photos or another person's explanation or description will never be equivalent to an actual physical examination. I recommend you be seen by your surgeon ASAP. 

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My right breast is much larger than the left 15 days post mastopexy with implant?

Thank you for your question. It is extremely common to have more swelling in one breast than the other in the initial post operative periods after a breast augmentation or breast augmentation with mastopexy. At this point, I would recommend close follow up with your surgeon to ensure that this is normal swelling and not the sign of an unforeseen problem such as an infection or hematoma (bleeding problem). Provided that this is not a sign of something more serious and your surgeon is confident that everything was done to even the size of your breasts during surgery, I  would recommend giving it at least six months to allow the swelling to go down. If you do not see an improvement at this point in time, a touch up procedure can probably be done to even this out. Best of luck to you!

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Post Op Swelling

When one breast is naturally larger it is not surprising for swelling to be more pronounced in that breast temporarily post op as there is more tissue/pressure. I recommend that you wait a few months to see how swelling resolves and breast symmetry evens out. Let your Plastic Surgeon know if you have ongoing concerns.
All the best

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Bigger on right

From your photographs and description of your procedure I can think of two likely scenarios that would contribute to the right side being larger than the left. If some attempt was made to reduce some of the gland on the right, such that 2 same sized implants can be placed, then more surgery was done on that side and, therefore, there will be more swelling. The other possibility is that you had some degree of a hematoma on that side that is now resolving. In our office, a simple ultrasound study of the breast can be done to readily discern whether or not any fluid is present around the implant. Your chosen plastic surgeon will be your best resource for following your course. Congratulations on your surgery and best of luck.

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