Do I have to have braces (or invisalign or similar) before I could have veneers? (photos)

One dentist I emailed said I would need orthodontics (when I inquired about veneers) and that I'd need to go elsewhere as they don't do them. Is my bite really not straight enough for veneers as is? (Mostly the top, bottoms I care less about also probably can't afford that many veneers currently, was thinking of doing the top 8). I know my smile is gummier on one side, that is mostly what annoys me. Just I don't really want braces or similar as they take forever and I am 30 nearly.

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Treatment sequence

normally its advisable to go for braces treatment before veneers to achieve best results in minimum tooth reduction. but in yr case only lower one canine is little out of arch so u can go for veneers without braces treatment. but canine is in lower arch so that tooth will look bulky . for best result go for veneers followed by aligner treatment.

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Do I have to have braces (or invisalign or similar) before I could have veneers? (photos)

For having veneers done in your case, it is best to have gum contouring done on your left side, and have invisalign consult prior to having veneers done. 

You can have porcelain veneers done on your upper teeth easily, however for the lower teeth the preparation of your teeth will be a little more aggressive, and I believe the least invasive dentistry, it is the best dentistry. The more crowding the more enamel needs to be taken off even into the dentin layer, and at this point you are ending up almost like a porcelain crown rather than dental veneer. Always remember the least invasive dentistry last the longest!

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