Can Botox cause indentation on my head? Nerve damage , vein infection , facial swelling and facial pain and migraines. (photo)

I had Botox 3.5 years ago My head swelled up in the area the size of an egg . , migraine . 3 days later I developed a twitch in my left arm and leg and this has continued ! I have a dent in my head at infection site , I've had infections of the vein in my head. Facial swelling and facial pain. I still have the migraine and my face droops when this happens. I was fine before. My mri was clear. My neurologist now wants to give me nerve block injections. But I'm scared x

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Botox side effect

You had a lost of symptoms and these do not at all seem related to Botox and no side effect of Botox has been reported to last this long.  See what your neurologist thinks caused this and follow his treatment plan

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Side effects after Botox

Thank you for your question wanbrod. I am sorry to hear about your situation. Botox is a purified protein used to address wrinkles associated with facial expression such as those between the brows seen when one frowns. I have never seen a scar or dent at the site of a Botox injection. However scars can be addressed with fractional lasers. Most people enjoy the results of their Botox treatment for 3-4 months. Side effects also resolve by this time. Symptoms that last longer than this may have another cause. Please consult with your doctor for specific results. Good luck!

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