Please can you tell me if too much bone has been taken from the top of my nose? (photos)

5 months since revision rhinoplasty , first operation was just tip work .also I've only just started to wear my glasses and they leave a dent ,

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Too Much Bone Taken Top of Nose?

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A frontal view would be helpful but it does appear that you have a slight depression at the bony-cartilagenous junction of your profile, too much cartilage projection just above the tip, and possibly a collapse of the junction of the upper lateral cartilages and your septum which could cause breathing obstruction. Unfortunately you should consider another revision but that will depend on your goals and what it will take to satisfy your expectations.

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Nasal dorsum

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It looks as if you need more of the septum removed.  The indentation is created by a high septum.  Your actual nasal bones look about right, not over resected.  You would need another rhinoplasty or you could opt for injection rhinoplasty and use filler in the indentation.  This of course is done in the office and can be very effective in touching up defects after rhinoplasty.

Slight Polly Beak or Under-resected Dorsal Septal Cartilage

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It appears that you may have under-resected dorsal septal cartilage or mild polly beak. Its difficult to say if it is cartilage or soft tissue without examining it. If its just some soft tissue you may be able to inject it with kenelog. However, if its cartilage, that would have to be resected.



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