Do I just need to add more skin, fillers to my nose or does it require further surgery? (Photos)

I had a secondary rhinoplasty back in 2014 to correct a twisted nose deformity. The nose in the first 6-7 months looked very good, but after the swelling came down, it started to look really bad, the right side would completely depress inwards. The surgeon said this this is because I have thin skin, so he corrected it with a collagen implant(more to right than left) Again, the initial results looked really good, but now that swelling has down, it is looking bad again, rough contours etc.

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Revision rhinoplasty

It looks as though you have either a depressed upper lateral cartilage on the right  or an right nasal bone that is too lateral . A lateral photo would be very helpful and an in office exam would be essential  to determine if your upper lateral cartilage is displaced or the nasal bone on the right  needs an osteotomy to bring it in alignment . Depending on the height of your dorsum and the position of your septum a cartilage onlay graft may also be helpful.



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