2nd Opionion Needed Please if a Dental Bridge Can Be Fitted?

hi my NHS dentist has recently abstracted a infected crowned 2nd pre molar tooth (at the top) that had had a one tooth(2 teeth) dental bridge was fixed to my dentist says i cannot have a new bridge made and only a partial denture. i still have heavily filled 1st and 3rd molar teeth, i wondered if the filled 1st molar could be crowned and then attach (1tooth) 2 teeth bridge . I am not really bothered about the missing 2nd molar and 3rd as you cannot see them .please advise

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Second opinion

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I think radiographs and exam would benessary for an honest answer I think you may also want to consider an implant good luck.  Kevin Coughlin DMD MBA MAGD. CEO Baystate Dental PC 

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2nd Opinion Bridge

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From the photo you may want to consider a new bridge, and extract the tooth behind if not fixable. Obviously, a consult is a must. A solution to your issue can be figured out.


Seeking A Second Opinion

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Your request is a possibility, but impossible to say for sure without proper radiographs and a comprehensive dental exam.  Seek out a dentist soon and they will come up with plausible solutions  for your case.  Good luck.

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