Bone Growth After Septoplasty is Causing Pain - Is This Normal?

I had a septoplasty surgery, It was the first time I've gone under the knife. The endotracheal tube caused severe trauma on my palate that caused me to have a torus palatinus, and weeks later I have developed torus mandibularis that keeps on growing. My throat hurts and is hard to swallow, i feel I have a knot in my throat that is plling hard and choking me, IS that normal with people who have torus mandibularis? Will it get worse?

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Septoplasty and Bone Growth

The conditions you mention, i.e., torus palatini and torus mandibularis, are not caused by either the endotracheal tube or the septoplasty surgery.  Nor will torus mandibularis cause throat pain or choking.  You should see an Otolaryngologist for an evaluation of other possible causes for your throat symptoms.

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The endotracheal tube will not cause taurus palatinus or taurus mandibularis. the tube can irritate the throat for a short time, and it resolves by itself. See an ENT for complte examination including endoscopy to look at the throat and the vocal cords. also to evaluate the taurus, as well as your other symptoms.

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