Endotine Mid Face Lift Persistent Swelling 15 Months On- I Posted at Year Ago at 6/52 Post Op? (photo)

Swelling seems to be sitting under the tear duct and between my cheek bone and nose raising this area, making it look odd. I have been back to my surgeon a few times. The first few times he said give it more time and recommended drainage massage. In Nov he said the endotine hadn't dissolved and I needed to give it more time. This week he told me the endotine has dissolved and injected it. I have to go back in 4/52. At the moment it looks worse and I am worried I will be stuck looking like this.

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Endotine Mid Face Lift Persistent Swelling 15 Months On- I Posted at Year Ago at 6/52 Post Op? (photo)

Posting after all this time again on an internet site is not the best course to take. Go see second opinions PSs in UK for opinions. Sounds like a residual foreign body(endotine) issue. 

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Endotine issues

I think I can see in the photo what you are referring to.  At this far out, the endotine is supposed to have dissolved.  Trust your surgeon or please obtain another local opinion.  An in person exam is critical.

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Endotine Facelift Swelling at 15 months

Hello 'Mrs32uk', thanks for your question.  Although endotine facelifts were promoted at the time as a revolutionary new way to undergo facelifts with minimal downtime, this method has significantly fallen out of favor with most plastic surgeons, including myself, due to a number of factors and issues.  These include a high recurrence rate with inadequate lifting of the facial soft tissues, as well as persistent swelling and nodularity that some patients notice for long periods as in your case.  Typical swelling from a standard facelift can last 4-6 weeks, and occasionally a few months.  However, swelling for over 15 months is unusual.  You mentioned your plastic surgeon injected your cheeks recently?  I am not sure what the indication was, but if he used filler product, that can lead to further swelling for up to a year, depending on what he used.  However, filler injections are typically used to intentionally add volume to hollow areas of the face.  I recommend frequent followups with your doctor who can address your concerns as necessary.  Good luck!


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