Endotine Insertion Query?

8 wks. post cheek endotine lift (& forehead/lower facelift). There's a divot on my left cheek, which is improved but still definitely there. Had a small fat transfer in that area two weeks after the surgery due to my concerns. I also feel sharp (and very painful to touch) bumps from the device, one visible. Doc said that cheek area was very thin. With a numb left ear and wrinkles returning to mouth/neck area I'm not sure I'd do this again, but hope I feel differently as healing continues.

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Irregularities after Endotine

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Firstly, don't have any more procedures for at least 3 months while the swelling in your face improves- the extra work may very well not be necessary.  If problems persist, then you can consider revision, though  the Endotines will go away by themselves with time.  The dimpling should improve on its own.

Like others here, I don't use Endotines for the reasons that patients can experience the issues that you are complaining about.  That said, with time, most if not all of your issues should improve.

Contour abnormalities with endotine are very common.

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I do not use any foreign material in facelifts. In my opinion they are ineffectual and can create problems such as contour abnormalities that you are experiencing. Although they dissolve the contour irregularities can be permanent without further surgery. /

Endotine cheek lift

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It's not uncommon to feel the endotine under the skin, especially if you have thin skin/soft tissue where the endotine is placed. The endotine will slowly absorb by the body and this may take up to one year to completely dissipate. I do use endotine for forehead and cheek lift but I try to avoid this on thin person because of the palpability issue. As for the dimpling, most will resolve over time but the endotine should not be visible. It's hard to comment without photos perhaps it's best that you continue regular follow up with your surgeon. 

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Endotine and cheek issues

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I do not use endotines for mid-face elevation which I presume you had. I use them for forehead lifts. A divot is something that i would have to see to comment on. As for numbness and weird sensations, it sounds like it is very early and will more than likely improve with time. Follow closely with your surgeon.

Endotine Palpability, Earlobe Numbness

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      Endotine palpability is not an infrequent occurrence.  Most of these devices inserted are absorbable, so palpability should decrease. Fat grafting can be utilized in the future for any residual indentation. The return of wrinkles after 8 weeks is due to swelling resolution, but you should look markedly improved from your preoperative appearance.  Finally, earlobe numbness is due to manipulation of the great auricular nerve, which may go away on its own.  However, it may take a year or more to know definitively.

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