Endoscopic Brow Lift Fail?

Hi . Endoscopic lateral brow lift .3 days post op Strong downward pull on one side .Brows fallen down more than it was before the lift .Both sides .Eyebrows now feel heavy as if there is a weight above them . Strong downward pull 3 days post op and one eye looking smaller than the other eye now .She said she only made one stitch to secure the lift ?.She offered to redo.In your opinion what should have been done or should be done to ensure I don't have a second failed endoscopic lift ?.Thanks ! Stacy

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Poor results 3 days after endoscopic brow lift

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It is entirely possible that at 3 days after an endoscopic brow lift that your appearance is due to some swelling involved in the recovery process.  I would recommend waiting a few more weeks and then re-evaluate your results.  It is possible that a revision procedure could help you, but I think it's most likely too early to be able to make that decision now.  

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Not happy after brow lift

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Good afternoon!


sorry to hear of your disappointment after your brow lift.  It is vital when performing a brow lift to fully release the deep tissue attachments around the lateral orbital rim to ensure a good elevation of the brow.  I would check with your PS to be sure this was done properly.


I hope this helps

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