Endoscopic Abdominoplasty to Correct Diastasis, Even Though I Have Excess Skin?

I am 6 mos PP from delivering twins (at 39 wks). I have a 2-3-2 diastasis & an umbilical hernia. I want to have the diastasis & hernia repaired w/o having skin removed. The diastasis is wreaking havoc on my ability to exercise & function as I did before babies. I realize that the hardest part of recovery is the muscle repair & that skin removal improves the overall look, but I am not interested in pursing skin removal. Is it possible to have an endoscopic repair even though I have loose skin?

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Endoscopic Repair will not Correct Skin Excess or Laxity

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An endoscopic approach to repair a hernia or diastasis of the abdominal muscles can be an excellent choice to minimize scars.

The procedure will not remove or tighten excess or lax skin and depends upon the tone or elasticity of your skin for tightening after the muscle repair.

The stretch marks in your photograph suggest that the skin has been damaged and has lost the elasticity to tighten: unfortunately, exercise will not improve this skin tone or result in loss of "excess skin."

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