After lifting heavy tile, my silicone implants turned, and are now oblong. I'm considering polyurethane implants.

I have had silicone implants in my breast for 34 years. Last year I lifted heavy tile next morning my implant turned. I had no previous trouble. My implant is under the muscle. I am considering polyurethane implants. I know they are not being use in this country right now

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After lifting heavy tile, my silicone implants turned, and are now oblong.

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Thanks for your question but without photographs or a face-to-face examination it is difficult to provide anything other than general advice to help you.  When any 34-year-old implant changes the first thought that comes to my mind is that it is probably or possibly ruptured.  This may not be the case especially if it is a shaped implant but needs to be evaluated in a face-to-face consultation.  Please do not delay obtaining your consultation and best wishes.

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Time for new implants!

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Wow!  34 years is a long time, you sure got your monies worth.  You will need a new and thorough consultation, like starting from scratch, to evaluate your situation and determine what all your options are.  A lot has changed in implant technology and choices over the past 3 decades and there are literally hundreds of implants to choose from.  Also, I am sure you breasts and skin envelope have changed since your first procedure and that also needs to be addressed.

Good Luck!

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