Endermologie or Facial Massage for Sculptra Lumps?

I had Sculptra injections on my nasolabial folds, acne scars on cheek, and near the mouth. Near my mouth (below nasolabial folds), I now have a bump. My acne scars look deeper and show up more. Would massaging or facial Endermologie help get rid of the bump? My skin is thicker, but it makes me look like a chipmunk around my mouth on the sides. Please help!

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Sculptra Lumps

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Endermologie and facial massage can help but you might need to see a physician who can break up the lumps with a needle and saline and massage to spread it around.

You might be getting a chipmunk look because there is more Sculptra in lower cheeks near the corners of your mouth. It can be camouflaged by injecting another filler such as Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse in the upper cheeks to bring them at the same level as the puffy lower cheeks.


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