Does Endermologie Enhance Mesotherapy Results?

Does the Endermologie treatment provide an enhancement to Mesotherapy in getting rid of cellulite?

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Endermologie = Waste of your Money

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I agree completely with Dr. Zubowicz. I used Endermologie years ago and it has been a constant disappointment. Like other similar devices its marketing and over the top advertisement have WAY exceeded scientific proof. Swelling created by vigorous massage temporarily hide/masks cellulite dimples but as soon as the trauma and swelling stops the dimples re-appear.  If you enjoy wasting your money on ineffective treatments, you'll love this one.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Endermologie doesn't work. Snake oil.

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Endermologie doesn't work.  It's been studied in the lab (after thousands of patients paid for it) and it doesn't work.  It doesn't even make any sense.

Endermologie and Mesotherapy

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Endermologie and a whole variety of treatments, such as Zeltiq Cryolipolysis, Thermage radiofrequency and other skin tightening approaches, can add to the results of mesotherapy. So yes, an endermologie treatment does provide an enhancement to mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite.

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David Goldberg, MD
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