What are the most effective technologies for tightening loose, crepey skin on legs?

I had old fashioned liposuction on my inner and outer thighs years ago, and now have loose, hanging skin all over my legs. I am 53 years old, 5'5", 113 lbs, very athletic, have very muscular arms and 6 pack abs. My upper body looks 30, and my legs look 80. I hate never being able to go swimming because my legs are so grotesque.Is there anything out there that will give me any improvement? I am ashamed of my body, and it kills my self esteem.

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Loose Skin

Crepey leg skin is usually caused by cumulative sun damage and can result from loss of underlying fat and collagen. It's difficult to treat but some options are a series of a fractionated laser such as Fraxel, chemical peels and topical creams. I encourage an evaluation by a board certified dermatologist.

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Crepe Skin on Legs Can be treated with Sculptra, Velashape or Venus Legacy and Clear + Brilliant Laser

you need a combination approach for this type of treatment and someone who is a body contouring specialist.  this area can be improved and you can get continued improvement if you find someone who can give you a stable long term plan.  best, Dr. Emer.

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