My implant is pressing outwards. Could it be misplaced? I'm 5 weeks post op (Photo)

5 weeks post op, 195 cc textured round sientra silicone mod profile. My left breast looks great and the bottom is rounded out. However, My right breast has always had a flat top/upper pole area and is flat in the center/cleavage area. Its as though the implant is being squeezed into the lateral side and it has a bulge and I can feel the implant very distinctly and can see it very easily when I bend over (unlike left breast). The bottom of is not round like my left.

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Wait 4 months then discuss with your surgeon

It looks like you’re quite thin and probably had little of your own natural breast tissue to start with. That means the risk of visible rippling is higher, and that’s probably what’s happening right now. You can wait about 4 months for your breasts to recover better from your surgery, at which time it will appear more natural in shape. However, I don’t think the rippling will decrease in appearance.

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It appears you have some visible rippling which is not uncommon in thin women. At 5 weeks you are still healing and it is likely the breasts will continue to change and settle. The rippling however, is inevitable. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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You seem to have rippling from thin tissue on the sides of the breast and the placement seems very lateral or to the side. In general rippling is a problem for thin women and may have to accepted, however the placement can be repaired if necessary.

Frank J. Ferraro, MD
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Thank you for your question and photos and you are clearly seein a separation between the implant and your natural breast which also appears mildly ptotic. This can be corrected.

Dr Corbin

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Breast Augmentation Results

From your photographs, it seems that the implant is visible in the location you describe. There also seems to be some irregularity in its position. However, not much can be concluded without seeing your pre-op photos. Thin women tend to "show" the implant more so than women with more fatty tissue. Your nipple position also appears to be lower than ideal with respect to the implant. Since you are early in the recovery process, I would recommend being patient to allow your results to settle with time. Then, you can formally reevaluate your results. 

Best of luck, Vincent Marin, MD

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