i am a second yr BDS student my professor has asked me what are contraindications of enameloplasty...as i am very glad that my earlier question was replied nicely...but not to my satisfaction.can u please help me with this. 2.what is that property known as because of which dentin gives the cushioning effect to the enamel and restorative material.

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Enameloplasty Contraindications

The clinical contraindications for enameloplasty include decalcified enamel, the presence of minimal enamel so that enameloplasty would result in exposure of the dentin, and in patients who exhibit hypersensitivity. I would also not do enameloplasty, unless absolutely needed, on patients with a high caries incidence. All that said, your professor may be looking for a purely academic answer which may be quite different from the answer a clinical dentist would be looking for.

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