What Are my Options to Emphasize Breast Implants?

Despite taking numerous pictures for reference, and stressing to my surgeon the results I wanted, I recieved smaller Breast implants and the opposite look than was desired. I wanted 500cc high profile silicone gel implants that would sit high on my chest and look extremely fake. I recieved 425cc and 450cc implants, that look so natural no one can tell that I had implants, and they sit incredibly low on my chest and have no upper pole fullness. I am 5'9" tall, 23 years old, and have a medium/athletic build. What are my options?

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You get the message: Communication!

Here's some helpful hints I hope will help on your next consult:

  1. Write your questions in advance
  2. Ask to see before and after pictures of his own patients and point to a result you like
  3. Ask him to look at his own pictures and show you what he thinks you will look like
  4. I always agree on a size beforehand with the patient and we both sign off on it prior to surgery. It protects both of us.

As to your particular case, I think you need a lift plus an augmentation. A Benelli lift or crescent lift can be done in your case, which would entail much less scarring than a "lollipop scar" or the "anchor" or "T" shaped scar.

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At this point, a breast lift may be your best option


Thank you for your question!

Sometimes there are limits to enhancing your body and what is safe for a plastic surgeon to do. You should have another, very open discussion with your surgeon. There may have been some safety reasons as to why he did not proceed with what you wanted. It is hard to say without examing you, but it may be possible that he gave you what your body type and skin type could handle.

Getting bigger implants could give you the look you want and satisfy you for now, but down the road they could just cause you more problems.

No matter how high the implants are positioned, they always fall. The only real exception to this is contracture, which keeps them higher. The larger and heavier an implant, the more they fall. These are very real limitations to implant surgery and more external scars and lifting might be the only options to help raise your implants at this point. Again, there are many factors at play here and I’d recommend you visit your surgeon.

Have a great day!

Sam Speron, MD
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Based on your photos, a revision procedure with a lift is your best bet

If are going for that larger, fake look, I think a mastopexy (breast lift) should be considered.  While it involves more surgery and more incisions, it is probably your best bet at getting the upper pole fullness and a more youthful, perky shape that you were aiming for.


Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS
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I see surgery as the option.

You may need a pocket revision to raise the implant up. Conversely, you may need larger implants. Larger implants tend to have a larger diameter, and this will lead to more upper pole fullness.

Sorry you didn't get what you wanted. Communication with your surgeon is critical, and it doesn't seem like he understands your wants. Try again, and be firm.


Scott E. Kasden, MD, FACS
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Find a surgeon who you feel comfortable communicating with

It is hard to tell where your communication breakdown occurred with your surgeon. Usually, the implants are agreed upon prior to surgery. It is also important to remember that every person's anatomy is different. Your skin envelope may not have been large enough to accommodate larger implants. Good luck.

David Shafer, MD
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Communication is the key to results you expect

With breast augmentation it can be very difficult to describe the result you are expecting or what will be right for you. When it comes to a particular request, such as a very large implant, or an augmentation that is considered "fake" by some standards there are some surgeons who will just not go there or are very reluctant to produce a result which is not to their aesthetic sense. It seems clear that you were communicating with your surgeon however he was not receiving the message.

There is of course no reason why you cannot have a larger implant, or an implant with a higher profile if you wish. Just be careful that you understand what you are asking for with the fuller implant, and seek a surgeon who is really listening.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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I checked your pictures

Thanks for the link to your pictures. Obviously there was a breakdoen in communication with your surgeon. You are right, the result is very natural. Unfortunately because of the drooping of your breasts and the positioning of your breasts on your chest, if the implants were put high on the chest they would not be where the breasts are.

Besides the external stuff like a push up bra, you would need a breast lift in order to put the implants and the breasts where you want them. Otherwise the breasts would hang off the underside of the implant mound. Even if you went with very large implants they would sag very quickly. Talk to your Dr. about a breast lift.

John P. Stratis, MD
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Larger breast implants

Your options are all the other techniques that women use to emphasize their breast:: special bras, bra inserts, etc

However, this is not without its consequences. My guess is that you have a lax breast envelope and your implants have settled to the bottom of your breasts. If your persistently displace the breast tissue and implant upwards, over time the capsule may contract holding your implant in a higher position. When you remove your bra, your breast will fall off of the implant. This may result in a "Snoopy" looking breast.

Going with a larger implant may also temporarily achieve your short term goals but will stretch out your tissues resulting in a greater likelihood of revisionary procedures in the future when you decide to correct your larger ptotic breasts which will inevitably occur. If you are willing to accept this, then you may want to contemplate additional surgery.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Have an open conversation with your surgeon

Hi, as the other surgeons in this forum have suggested, having another very open conversation with your surgeon is the best place to start. There may be a very good reason for why you did not get the result you had anticipated. In some cases there are limitations to what your tissue can accomodate in terms of implant size. Perhaps the surgeon found during surgery that you needed a lift in addition, but was hesitant to proceed without speaking to you first. In the interim, there are several bra manufacturers that make bras for women who have been augmented, and these include Le Mystere. Victoria's Secret also manufactures push up bras. You may end up requiring a revision of your surgery, but prior to that a good bra will optimize your outcome. Good luck.

Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS
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Revisit a consultation with your surgeon

Generally, if you trusted your surgeon and he did a good job but you just need a larger implant, you might want to stay with him/her since they are more familiar with what took place at your original surgery. Ask if he feels comfortable with the surgery required to produce the look you want. Safety, especially long-term safety, make some surgeons reluctant to do anything the patients want. While your height might accommodate a large breasted-look, perhaps he felt your tissues could not. Over time, large implants will cause more soft tissue atrophy, bony remodeling, more sensory changes, and skin loosening. You need to come to a happy medium with a surgeon regarding your desires and any side effect or long-term risk that you need to be advised of and that the surgeon feels is accepatable for you to assume.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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