Too Emotional. Damaged Nose 4 Days Post Septoasty?

Hello... I had septoplasty with turbinate reduction 4 days ago. I do not regret the surgery but I am highly reactive and very emotional about things. I have had several bouts of hysterical crying that lasted over an hour... I have also been crying "normally" i suppose. At one point i caved in to frustration and had a yelling argument with someone who insulted me for having surgery. i was scrunching my nose and am afraid that i damaged it. Yes, bad idea. What could happen to my nose now?

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No More tears! Post Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction

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I know it is easier said then done however remember people can only upset you if you allow them to. Step above their level and know that millions and millions of people undergo plastic surgery. Septoplasty and turbinate reduction are done for functional and not aesthetic purposes and should not be looked at negatively by anyone. Crying after these procedures does not help with your breathing and swelling so, No more tears! I Many times septoplasty surgery may be done to correct a fracture or other earlier trauma to the nose and this may also have some emotional effects upon the patient bringing back memories of the original incidence. Whatever your case is try and relax perhaps an anti anxiety medication may be in order for a few days to help you relax. Speak with your surgeon regarding these events so he/she may help you with some coping skills and ease your mind. Best regards!

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